Modern Classical Optical System Design: Fundamentals, Techniques, Tips, and Tricks
Published in February 2024, this book is essentially Ronian Siew's second volume to Perspectives on Modern Optics and Imaging. Many more design examples are provided, with topics involving uncommon first-order optical layout principles, lens design, illumination, tolerancing, detection, and putting them all together to form a complex optical system. Sections titled "Heuristic lens design theory" and "Heuristic color correction theory" discuss ways to understand why a lens design works, how it works, and how to start from scratch. Other sections titled "An introduction to the real world" and "Lights at the ends of tunnels" share the author's personal experiences in product development, including challenges he faced in his career and how he navigated through them to find happiness.

Perspectives on Modern Optics and Imaging: With Practical Examples Using Zemax OpticStudio
Published in October 2017, this book offers unique insights on key optical principles and their practical application to the design and analysis of a variety of optical systems in modern product development.

Multiple-Field Multispectral Imaging Using Wide-Angle Lenses
Published in July 2018, this booklet explains a method of mounting filters in the front of lens systems to enable multispectral imaging over multiple subareas with minimal spectral shifts.

Monte Carlo Simulation and Analysis in Modern Optical Tolerancing
Published in 2019 by SPIE Press, this mini e-book offers Ronian's insights on how to apply key concepts from optics, multivariable calculus, and statistics to the analysis of variability in modern optical systems. (Download the ERRATA.)

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